Where have all the Cowheads gone?

Cowhead is a high quality milk you may find in some grocery stores, but mostly found before in duty free stores in Clark. Strangely I could not find anything in the duty free store shelves for the past month already! They started disappearing during that time.

You see Cowhead is unlike the local Nestle or Magnolia ones which feels watery to me. Cowhead is like pure milk, less water than other brands including Unikai which is plentiful. With the lowering of the dollar exchange rate in the 45-47 pesos interval, our guess is that the milk is being hoarded (Cowhead has a longer shelf life compared with other brands) or being diluted in some manner to be repacked. Nothing else can explain the phenomenon.
Its true you can find few in some duty free stores but their conspicuous absence in the better and bigger stores simply looks like a science fiction story of abduction by aliens.

Anyone care to explain where they went? Its long time passing. and we miss the taste and energy in Cowhead. Importers and store owners, dont be cruel. We will understand if you can send us an explanation why our favorite brand is missing.

Feb. 7 They are back since last week!!!

I was able to buy 8 Cowheads milk in cartoons at 491 pesos. But they seem lighter and seem more fluid than last time.
Next time I will weigh them, but really this is NOT my job. The carton says 33.8 U.S. Fluid Ounces. Why English system?

Feb. 18
To enlighten potential consumers of Cowhead and why I prefer it even over local brands, here is further information from the milk carton . (Can you get the same information from local ones?)

Expiry date- 11Nov10, 16:26 ET160
Full cream milk. Min 3.4%
Product of New Zealand
Imported by
MMI 47-M Gov. Pascual, Malabon, Phil.

Ingredients: Full cream fresh milk.
Nutrition Information
Servings per pacage: 4
Serving size : 250 ml

Average qty per serving: per 100 ml.
Energy 66kJ(160 Cal) 268kJ (64 kJ)
Protein 8.8g 3.5 g
Fat, total 8.7g 3.5g
-Saturated 5.6g 2.3g
Cholesterol 27.4mg 10.9mg
Carbohydrate 11.8 g 4.7g
- Sugars 11.8g 4.7g
Dietary Fibre 0.0g 0.0g
Sodium 110mg 45mg
Calcium 300mg 120mg

6 Responses to “Where have all the Cowheads gone?”

  1. miss tapia Says:

    who makes cowhead? thats terrible if they dilute it and repack the milk.thast will be contaminated. maybe you're the only one buying it. hehe

  2. ernie Says:

    ha ha. Cowhead has made a name for itself even in the Middle East. I was introduced to it by a former worker in Saudi.

  3. thea Says:

    Ok so one night I was trying to remember my favourite milk back in the Philippines. I just asked my mom now and she said it was Cowhead! Gosh you have no idea I've been on Google for hours now just to see if there's still Cowhead in the Phils (I'm here in Canada). So they're back?? How much is it? I wish they have it here :(

  4. ernie Says:

    I bought eight packs of cowhead milk for 496 pesos total today! Still relatively cheap. But one time I was able to buy 11 packs for less than 500 pesos. The exchange rate now at 46.23 pesos per dollar, but the sellers here in Clark are increasing prices.
    Result: Not much bargains.

  5. justine Says:

    Ernie, where specifically can I buy Cowhead here around Manila? Thanks.

  6. ernie Says:

    I was able to see Cowhead on the shelf of HiTop grocery in Quezon Avenue, Quezon City. I don't know of any store in Manila selling Cowhead since I am in Diliman.