A digital clamp multimeter at CDR-King

My favorite gadget store has done it again. It is now making available a digital clamp meter capable of measuring AC currents in wire and is capable of measuring other electrical quantities such as DC voltages,
resistances and even includes a battery tester. Here is the complete specs, pasted from the site.


1. Check Fuse
2. Check Extension Cords
3. Check Control Panels
4. Check Small Appliances
5. Check Batteries
6. Check Wall Outlets


• DCV: 1000V ±(0.5% + 1)
• ACV: 750V ±(1% + 4)
• ACA: 200A-1000A ±(2% + 5)
• OHM: 200-20KΩ ±(2% + 2)
• Continuity Beeper: Yes
• Insulation Test: Yes
• Data Hold: Yes
• Power: 9V 6F22
• Maximum Display: 1999
• Display Size: 14*47mm
• Product Net Weight: 320g
• Product Size: 230*90*37(mm)

The ratings seem to indicate this is more for industrial use, but that will not prevent you for using it in ordinary meter applications. And here is the pic grabbed from its catalog:

DDT6600 digital multimeter

DDT6600 digital multimeter

Dont be surprised by its low price of 220 pesos only!! for the digial clamp meter. CDRking usually do not issue receipts and do not spend so much on showrooms and on advertising.

Also check out the companion multimeter, available in nice powerful BLACK color which would be much more useful for residential or hobby use:

DT 830B multimeter

DT 830B multimeter

This one costs only P120 pesos. That's the economic power of cheap labor of Chinese products.
See also a previous description of this measuring instrument in a previous posting.

Cheap multimeter

The new Black color is indeed an improvement, and will hide the fact that you are in fact using a cheap but serviceable measuring instrument.

Buy a lot as gifts to please any friend, beloved, or brother or even sisters engaged in electricity and electronic courses.

Seems these digital multimeters do not last long. the LCD display gets confusing and simply stops showing the metered values.

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