Anne Curtis bra malfunction, updated!

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Here is a link to an image of an unfortunate nip slip which happened to the actress Ann curtis and is posted in another blog:

Anne Curtis is not that hot. Why are the male Filipinos crazy?

That pic and more pictures are at Photobucket
More! On Google, try Google images of Anne

I don't know if photobucket or google images copied from each other, but this is the Internet!

I don't know if the Photobucket have the same pics as in the following gallery:

You are warned that the link above may contain irritating pop-ups and horror! (may contain viruses). Use firefox on Linux for safety sake!

Of course, the studio of Ms. Curtis has condemmed the postings.
Viva statement.

Filipinos with mammary fixation will be disappointed.
The viewer has to click on it to see what the rage is all about. Another accident is the one by Marianne Rivera. Look it up in
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Anne Curtis has a sweet beautiful face: Click on the following link to see for yourself.
Beautiful Ann Visit the source too:

For more information:

Inquirer News item

ABS-CBN interview

There are pics in Facebook. but we refrain from providing links. Enough already.

(Disclaimer:) We do not keep images of Anne in our blog hosting server, and you have to click on the links provided.

We will not be unhappy if there is a LEGAL takedown notice to websites hosting the pictures and videos. We are only indirectly linking.Why can't the Philippines have that kind of system just like the one used in the Tiger Woods case?

3 Responses to “Anne Curtis bra malfunction, updated!”

  1. miss tapia Says:

    i think she wanted that to happen

  2. ernie Says:

    I don't know. She is definitely not a bold star. But it makes us wonder. anyways, this is not so scandalous compared to total nudity.

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